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My Daily Planner

When I’m editing a project, I am extremely organized. I have to be, to do it well. I enjoy sticking to a schedule and ticking off boxes—all that good stuff. But I don’t plan out my writing time. I just sit down and write. Often, for several hours at a time, and I rarely take a day off.

So, I mostly use my daily planner to keep track of deadlines and goals. And when I forget, I use it to keep track of things I’ve done that day—like a reverse planner. Which most people call a journal. I just started journaling again, but I mostly complain about the Norwegian language and how difficult it is to learn it quickly. This is not a reasonable goal, according to my husband. To be fair, I was doing great until I reached the lesson about adjectives and realized they’re also gender/non-gender, just like nouns and pronouns. I cried that evening. For real. But after a good night of sleep, I woke up and conquered adjectives.

What’s your most intriguing journal entry?
What have you written that makes you cringe? Those are the best entries.


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